THEA 1100-11261 Voice and Movement 1

This course will explore the anatomy, physiology, and physicality of the human voice. The approach will be holistic mind, body and vocal practice. Techniques learned and practiced will be applied directly to specific performance assignments throughout the semester. Students will begin by examining and identifying healthy, effective, and expressive voice and body use through the study of film clips. Students will receive an introduction to the practices of master teachers such as Patsy Rodenburg, Cicely Berry, Kristen Linklater, Tina Landau and Anne Bogart, among others. The work will focus on voice and bodywork as they relate to acting and to any area of life requiring effective communication. Emphasis in text work will be on clarity of thought, physical connection, emotional availability, and clear communication. Prerequisites: none.

Prerequisite(s): none


Fall 2017 (2181)

THEA 1100-11261

Tuesday and Thursday 

1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

CL Studio Theatre

Instructor: Brittany Baara