THEA 1101-30417 Voice and Movement 2

Voice and Movement 2

This course will build on the practices introduced in Voice & Movement 1 including presence, healthy and expressive vocal use, and effective communication. It will introduce the international phonetic alphabet, accents and dialects. Methods of accent and dialect acquisition will include vocal viewpoints, imagery, phonetics, and physical exercises. Students will research dialects and accents using such sources as: the international dialects of English archive, the visual accent archive, audio and visual recordings. Research and techniques will then be expressed through performances of monologues, scenes and poetry. This course culminates with each student's creation and development of a solo dialect performance.


Spring 2018 (2184)

THEA 1101-30417

Tuesday and Thursday

11:00 AM - 12:50 PM

Richard E. Rauh Studio Theatre

Instructor: Cynthia Croot