THEA 1393-30893 Special Topics in Hist/Lit/Crit: Theatre and the Black Lives Matter Movement

We will collectively engage with theatre & performance works about 

race in the United States, the Black Lives Matter Movement,

white silence, and the historical contexts of our current moment

We will also call upon performance as a way to dialogue, with an emphasis on the methods of Augusto Boal. 

Some of us may be just learning how to talk about the above; some of us may live it daily; all are welcome.

Assignments for the course will be: participating in weekly class, and readingwatching and/or listening to plays, performances,  newspapers, book chapters, albums, films.

The reading and viewing materials in the course are inspired by American Theatre Magazine’s “Ferguson Theatre Syllabus” and Prof. Frank Leon Roberts’ (NYU Gallatin) Black Lives Matter Movement syllabus.

Spring 2017 (2174)

Available for 1-3 credits; Graduate credit available: please contact instructor. 

Friday 3:00 - 5:00 PM in Frick Fine Arts 202

*Please contact us with questions!*
Instructor of record: Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, 
Undergraduate collaborators: Brenden Peifer,
Fenice Thompson,