THEA 1903-30197 Seminar in Theatre Arts

Latin American Theatre: Body, Conflict, State

*cross-listed wit CLAS undergraduate certificate program

In this undergraduate seminar we will engage with contemporary and historical embodied responses to, representations of and resistances to conflict, violence and the state at local, national and hemispheric levels in Latin America. We will contend explicitly with race, gender, and sexuality.

Theatre and performance –as embodied action, behavior, world-making—function as the objects and subjects of our study, as well as methodology.  Students will not be required, but will have the option, to engage with material through performance as well as discussion and writing.

We will work with plays, collective creation, and street performance; we will also draw from urban studies, cultural studies, visual studies, historiography, eco-criticism, and decoloniality, with a particular emphasis on moving and thinking from the south.

This is W class, please note. All required materials will be available in English. Students wishing to substitute/work with Spanish, Portuguese or indigenous language materials are encouraged to speak with instructor about doing so.  Final papers may be written in English or Spanish. 

Fall 2017 (2181)

THEA 1903-30197 (3 credits)


3:00 PM - 5:25 PM

CL Studio Theatre

Instructor: Lisa Jackson-Schebetta


Image credit: Kilele, Teatro Varasanta,