Graduate Students

Brittany Bara
Voice and Movement, Dialects, Acting: Classical, Contemporary, New Works, Shakespeare View Profile >
Nic Barilar
Research Interests: 20th Century Irish Theatre and Drama; Theatre Censorship and the Politics of Aesthetics. View Profile >
Shelby Brewster
Research Interests: Science in/as Performance; Digital Performance; Media Studies; Cultural Studies; Contemporary Theatre; Science Fiction Studies View Profile >
Teisha Duncan
Research Interests: Caribbean and African Theater and Drama, storytelling, mask technique, puppetry, and the adaptation of traditional African and Caribbean children games to theatre games and exercises for performance training. View Profile >
Maria Enriquez
Research Interests: Post-1960s Chicano/Chicana studies, Latino theatre through the Americas, Critical Race Theory, Performance and Cultural Studies View Profile >
Andrea Gunoe
Research Interests: Trauma and Violence in Performance View Profile >
Christiana Molldrem Harkulich
Research interests: Performances by/of Indigenous People in Early Americas, Drag and Gender Performance, 19th Century American Performance Culture, Spanish Golden Age View Profile >
Vicki Hoskins
Research Interests: Musical Theatre, Commercial Theatre, Popular Entertainment, Global and Transnational Musicals, Adaptation, Dramaturgy, Performance Studies, Gender Studies. View Profile >
Kristin O'Malley
Research Interests: Theatre and Catholicism, Religion and Theatre, Modern European and US theatre View Profile >
Amanda Olmstead
Research interests: American musical theatre, voice and movement, musicology and narrative, ethnography, behavioral sciences, the Walt Disney Company, dance, and choreography. View Profile >