THEA 0375 Introduction to Opera

Introduction to Opera

ENGLIT 0375 / MUSIC 0375 / THEA 0375

This class fulfills Arts Gen Ed Requirement.

Offered jointly in collaboraton with teh artistics and educational staff of Pittsburgh's own, world-renowned opera company, Pittsburgh Opera, "Introduction to Opera" provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the mulitmodal and synthetic art form of opera.  Over the semester we will explore the essential literary, musical, and dramatic elements that have shaped the development of opera througout the past four-hundred years. 

We will study a variety of historically significant operatic works, each representing a differnt style in the evolution of this art form.  Two of the operas we will study will be current production staged by Pittsburgh Opera, with a class trip to each production and visits to the class by members of the production team, cast, and educational program from Pittsburgh Opera.


Fall 2017 (2181)

THEA 0375-30489


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

CL 237

Instructor: William Scott