Bricolage Urban Scrawl (BUS) Gala

The University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts Department was well represented at the Bricoloage Urban Scrawl (BUS) Gala which was held at the August Wilson Center on March 11, 2017.

40 of the city's top artists came together in whirlwind fashion to produce six, 10-minute long plays in 24-hours that would premiere in front of a live, 350-member audience.

“This brings all the creative forces of Pittsburgh together,” said Richard Parsakian. “The arts are a big factor in what makes Pittsburgh great.”

Artists that have connections to our Theatre Arts Department are in bold below:

On the list was Bricolage artistic director Jeffrey Carpenter; playwrights Gab Cody, Kim El, Gayle Pazerski, Dave Harris, Sloan MacRae, Mark Clayton Southers; directors Hallie Donnor, Linda Haston, Ricardo Vila-Roger, Sam Turich, and actors that included Elena Alexandratos, Julianne Avolio, Chrystal Bates, Jonathan Berrym TaeAjah Cannon, Parag S. Gohel, Lisa Ann Goldsmith, Brett Goodnack, Wali Jamal, Billy Jenkins, Christopher Josephs, Amy Landis, Gregory Lehane, Connor McCanlus, Jason McCune, Missy Moreno, Delilah Picart, Sundiata Rice, Quinn Patrick Shannon, Christine Starkey, Genna Styles, Kelly Trumbull, Michael Angelo Turner, Shakara Wright.

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Teisha Duncan, BUS, March 11, 2017