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A Lurid Legacy: Lessons from Sweeney Todd and Hangover Square
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Last Monday (Halloween) Pitt Rep and the Musical Theatre Club hosted a double feature classic movie night: Sweeney Todd (1936) and Hangover Square (1945). Kevin Flanagan of the film studies department explains these films importance to current representations of the Todd.
Pretty Women
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We worked on “Pretty Women” last night, when the Judge arrives for a shave at Sweeney Todd’s shop. As for the Judge, this shave on the eve of his wedding...he must feel, for the first time in 15 years, like a normal man.
Cue the Theme from Rocky
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Just a couple weeks ago, when rehearsal swung into full swing, Lisa Jackson-Schebetta decided to throw together a little musical inspiration for her team...
A woman alone. With limited wind.
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I am so compelled by how hard these people fight, every one of them. The dramaturges brought in some wonderful image research. We are not setting the play in the 1890s London but we are informed by the 1890s London.
Playing the Crowd - Lessons From the Ensemble
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I’ll admit that when I heard that Pitt was going to produce was Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, I was apprehensive…
A Close Shave
Close Shave
Last week, three of the cast members of Sweeney Todd took a trip to Ron Smith's Barber Shop in downtown Pittsburgh to experience a straight razor shave first hand...
Remembering Why We Do It
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There’s no denying that theatre is hard work, and sometimes you can get so caught up in the challenge of producing art that you forget why you do it in the first place: because you love it.
Dressing the Beadle - Man Makes the Clothes
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Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.” I say, “Perhaps, but its Man that makes the clothes look GREAT.” Mark Twain’s quotation was better. Be that as it may, what does this have to do with Sweeney Todd?
Introducing Our Bloggers: The Makers of Sweeney Todd
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By its opening night on Friday, November 3rd, Pitt Rep’s production of Sweeney Todd will be a well-oiled entertainment machine. Until then, follow us “behind the scenes” as we join the cast and production team on their journey.
Bodies of Evidence: Fresh. Defiant. Visceral.
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