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A note from halfway through...
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Vivian Appler recounts the first half of her time at her Swiss clown workshop.
Amateur Astronomy
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Vivian brags about her accomplishments as an amateur astronomer
Play of Scraps and Patches
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In Her Hamlet we see many parts of Hamlet, but through Jude’s fractured vision. Just as Jude is cobbling together a whole from scraps, fragments, and partial information, so are those of us working on the play
Let’s All Get Excited: Some Words about Production Management
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Hi, I’m Zoe Benditt. I’m the production manager for Tongues of Men and Angels, the assistant director for columbinus, the stage manager for Zanna, Don’t!, and I’m tired
In Search of Galileo Galilei
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Vivian begins her hunt for Galileo Galilei as she travels across the south of Italy on her way to clowning around in Switzerland. Take a look at her wonderful photos and read about her journey.
In the Beginning
Vivian Appler
Vivian Appler is currently developing a one-woman show about Andromeda (the character and the constellation), Vera Rubin, dark matter, and herself. These entries are about her process and how she uses performance as a research practice
A goodbye
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Ben Coppola says goodbye to the cast and crew of Cleansed, and looks to the future as graduation approaches.
Why is this girl talking to herself?
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Between classes, doing my laundry, waiting in line, in the shower, I constantly find myself running through my lines. People who hear me muttering probably wonder, “Who is Jonny Gammage?” and “Why is this girl talking to herself?”
Let's Get it Done
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Chris Cameron plays both Ray Seals and Tony Norman in the upcoming production of THE GAMMAGE PROJECT. Chris discusses what it's like to portray a real person, and the responsibility of working on a docu-drama.
Chair of Department Wins Prestigious Award
Bruce McConachie, chair of the University of Pittsburgh Department of Theatre Arts, won the prestigious American Society for Theatre Research Distinguished Scholar Award. Professor McConachie received the award during the annual November ASTR conference in Montreal.