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Lighting Her Hamlet
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What do Cats, American Idiot, Pippin, Evita, and The Book of Mormon have in common? Kelsey Keckler examines the role of lighting in theatrical productions.
Professor Favorini's Last Class Online
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On April 12, 2013, Dr. Attilio "Buck" Favorini presented his farewell lecture in the Charity Randall Theatre on the University of Pittsburgh Campus. After 44 years, Professor Favorini said goodbye to his students and colleagues in a way only he could.
Costume Crafts Final Projects
Costume Crafts
Students in the spring 2013 Costume Crafts Class created a slew of wonderful final projects. From Ke$ha to Katchum, these costumes do not disappoint.
The Moustache Brothers
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“Take pictures. Free of charge. On the house. Put them on the internet. Put them on your blog. Let them know that we are alive.” - Lu maw, Moustache Brother # 2
First Night in Yangon
Sunset Yangon
Our first night in Yangon really felt like the adventure was beginning. We were prepared, though, after a few days of holing up and being sick in Hua Hin. If we were going to be sick, that was the place to do it!
Countries Full of Questions
Vivan on the Night Train
We are back on the night train! Heading south from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok for a hot minute and then on to Hua Hin for a pre-Christmas R&R...
Arrivals and The Night Train to Mandalay
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We are Vivian Appler and Ric Walker and we are writing to you from a series of cities in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). This is a blog dedicated to dramaturgical research for the devised theatre piece, City of Asylum
Zanna in the Classroom
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Professor Cynthia Croot sits down with director Robert C.T. Steele to talk about Zanna, Don't! and offers in-roads for topical class discussion.
Physically Fast Theatre
My body….it ACHES. Tuesday was a much needed dance rehearsal, and today I feel the effects of trying to teach myself to lunge into a split gracefully. (Or not so gracefully as the case may be.)
Student Lab Rundown
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Some biographical and dramaturgical context for our current Lab offerings: The Sandalwood Box by Mac Wellman and In the Still of the Night by Vivian Appler. Showing through the weekend.