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Arrivals and The Night Train to Mandalay
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We are Vivian Appler and Ric Walker and we are writing to you from a series of cities in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). This is a blog dedicated to dramaturgical research for the devised theatre piece, City of Asylum
Zanna in the Classroom
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Professor Cynthia Croot sits down with director Robert C.T. Steele to talk about Zanna, Don't! and offers in-roads for topical class discussion.
Physically Fast Theatre
My body….it ACHES. Tuesday was a much needed dance rehearsal, and today I feel the effects of trying to teach myself to lunge into a split gracefully. (Or not so gracefully as the case may be.)
Student Lab Rundown
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Some biographical and dramaturgical context for our current Lab offerings: The Sandalwood Box by Mac Wellman and In the Still of the Night by Vivian Appler. Showing through the weekend.
Journey Into The World of a Fairytale Musical
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At this point in the rehearsal process I should be exhausted, right? WRONG. We start every rehearsal with dancing and singing and crunches and push-ups. It’s like a fabulous, sparkly boot camp.
The Girl in All Black Flailing Her Arms While on Headset
Ellen Connally, Assistant Stage Manger/Deck Chief for Compleat Female Stage Beauty, recounts her experiences backstage, learning the lingo, and figuring out how to flail her arms effectively.
Scoring a World: Sound Designing Compleat Female Stage Beauty
Sounds by Fey Ilyas (
Andrew Sours, sound designer for Compleat Female Stage Beauty, describes the ephemeral, invisible, intangible world of sound design as he recounts his experience working on this mainstage production.
Performance Professor Receives Critics Circle Awards
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The Richmond Theatre Critics Circle presented Stacey with an individual award for Best Actress in a Musical for her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle in Virginia Repertory Theatre’s production of My Fair Lady.
Warming up the Space
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We began each day with rhythm and movement with Oliviero in the palestra. It was a great open space that allowed the 35 participants of the workshop to explore different beats, relationships, music, and instruments
On a Warmer Note
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"I sent some of the production team off on a little mission to come up a Plan B. It’s like 'Project Runway' and I’m Heidi Klum, or 'Parks and Rec' and I’m Leslie Knope, or 'Toddlers and Tiaras' and I’m one of those small, scary pageant girls. Any of the ways, I get to be blonde"...Zoe Benditt continues her journey through the wonderful world of production management