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Dear Graduate Scholar: Grad Students Are People Too
Grad school takes up a lot of time and gives you many opportunities to build your professional life, but it's not your whole life.
Meet Charlie
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Say hello to Charlie, the final cast member of CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS..
Top 6 Things You Didn't Know about Dog in the Manger
Lope De Vega, 17th Century Badass/Honey Badger
Breaking it down BuzzFeed-style with the top six things you didn't know about Dog in the Manger
Interview with Dog in the Manger Lighting Designer Barry Arons
Barry Arons Headshot
Check out our interview with the lighting designer, Barry Arons!
Interview with Avenue Q Stage Manager Monica Meyer
Monica Meyer Headshot
Check out our interview with the stage manager, Monica Meyer
Misterioso-119 Director Ellen Connally Discusses Her Approach
Misterioso-119 director Ellen Connally discusses how she discovered Koffi Kwahulé's play and approached directing the work.
A Note From Scenic Designer Becca Smith On The Design For Stop Kiss
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Due to the short time line for the show, my process for Stop Kiss has been a whirlwind.
Mike Magliocca Reflects on His Final UP Stages Show
mike magliocca in UP Stage's In the Heights
Mike Magliocca is a senior Theatre Arts and Chemistry major. He is also playing the leading role of Usnavi in the UPStage’s new production of IN THE HEIGHTS.
Backstage Look at IN THE HEIGHTS
in the heights screencap
Journey behind the scene to learn more about UP Stage's exciting production of IN THE HEIGHTS.
Interview with Douglas Levine
Douglas Levine
With _In The Heights_ quickly approaching, music director Douglas Levine is busy man. This Pittsburgh based artist is not just a music director, but a pianist, composer, arranger, and teacher.