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Introducing our New Graduate Students
Message from the Chair
Theatre Arts Sweeps Teaching Awards
Elizabeth Baranger
Three of the seven Baranger Awards went to Theatre Arts graduate students this year
Alumni Spotlight: Inga Meier
In this series, graduate alumni share their thoughts on life as a graduate student and theatre artist at Pitt.
Dear Graduate Scholar: Becoming a Pracademic
On the art of becoming a practitioner + academic
Dear Graduate Scholar: Writing Writing Like a Writer
Writing is a method, and writing is a process. Write your way to the question, revise and keep going.
Pitt Alum David Wright Combines Innovation and Artistry
Dr. David Wright, who is a recent graduate of the Theatre and Performance Studies Doctoral program, is a theatre scholar, instructor, project manager, and entrepreneur.
Spotlight on Graduate Student Scholars, Teachers, and Artists: November 
PhD Candidate Claire Syler feels pedagogy is about being vested in students’ learning processes and understanding how the culture impacts learning. Connecting her passion for theatre and learning, Syler rigorously investigates how theatre students learn in performance courses.
Dear Graduate Scholar: Teaching, Containing It and Excelling at It
Practical advice about teaching responsibilities for graduate students
Pitt PhD Candidate Christiana Molldrem Harkulich asks "Why a Mascot Matters"
In her article (recently published with U.S. History Scene), titled, “Why a Mascot Matters: A Listicle History of US Redface,” Theatre Arts Ph.D. Candidate Christiana Molldrem Harkulich examines the history of “Indian” stereotypes through eight key typical representations.